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This Essays Reviews shows you how you can use an essay review service to improve your chances of getting into college, graduate school or professional programs.


Studies have shown that admissions essays are the primary tool that admissions officers use to decide among the hundreds or thousands of applicants with similar experience and academic credentials. When you know this, you know you have to have an essay edge.


These same studies show that the admissions officer spends more than 35 percent of her time on your file reviewing your admissions essay. Again, it must be said that you must have an essay edge.



Choosing an online assistant


- To get an essay edge, do you rely on your skills alone? 

- Do you ask a friend or family member at the last minute to look over your essay and find any mistakes in grammar?

- Do you go to a professor several weeks in advance and ask him to give you an admissions essay edge?


If you are like most top-caliber students, you write your essay less than one week before turning in your entire application. That means, in order to get an essay edge, you need Essays Reviews. And also, you should determine for yourself what is the best essay writing service



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Essays Reviews is a company that reviews essays for students applying into top colleges, graduate schools, business schools, law schools, and medical schools. They are not some fly by night company that writes your admissions essay for you.


We have more than 200 Harvard graduates working as editors to help you improve your admissions essay.


Don’t just take my word for it that Essays Reviews is the best in the business. After all, this review means little to you. You don’t know me.


Our company polled over 8000 of their customers who gave Essay Edge a 3.95/4.0 overall. That’s a solid gpa for Essays Reviews! In fact, 96 percent of the people who used them said they would refer a friend.


The people who are most likely to apply to and be considered by these top schools are also the people who are the busiest. You’re studying for classes, writing papers, taking admissions tests, and participating in an array of extracurricular activities. That’s why an essay edge can help set you above your peers.


EssaysReviews is not expensive. Most admissions essay packages run about $125. If you figure how much you are spending on applications, especially if you are applying to 8 or more schools, our services are quite affordable. has standard 48 hour turnaround and priority 24-hour service. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


We work 100 percent confidentiality. And never reveal your name to any person, company or institution. The sacred business principle of Essays Reviews is privacy.


Our web site, is easy to navigate. It is filled with information. The process of ordering our services could not be more simple.


In addition, Essays Reviews Service allows you to pay for your editing services with a credit card through a secure server.


If you are a top candidate, you are also a busy person. You compete with other top level candidates. Get the advantage of working with us.